Downloading Digital Patterns

Please Read Before Downloading PDF patterns from the Quiltville Store.

If you have not downloaded digital patterns before – or not downloaded from my store, I suggest that you download to a real computer first so you can choose where to save your files.

Then navigate to the file, click it to open and then print.  At this point it is also safe to transfer the file to your ipad, tablet or phone as you will have a backup file on your computer should anything happen to your mobile device.

If you did not choose a download destination on a Windows computer, the download will go to your downloads folder.  Click here to view where to find it:
Click here to find where to find your files if you have downloaded to a mac:

If you have downloaded to an iPad not knowing your own default location– Please locate the FILES APP and look in there for your file.

Please watch this video on YouTube showing you how to download and save files on your iPad.

You may also find the files in your iBooks app.  Go to iBooks, click LIBRARY.  Find where it says COLLECTIONS.  Inside of collections, find the PDF folder.  Your download may be in there.
If you have installed a Kindle app, some PDF downloads may end up there by your default settings.

If you are Safari you can tap on the “Downloads” tab to view all downloads. Tap on the “Files” button from the bottom-left corner to switch to the file manager. From here, tap on the “Downloads” folder to see your downloaded file. You can tap on the download to preview it in the app.
This was Pat’s experience when downloading to an iPad –

“Thought you might want to know this. I was the one who couldn’t download Appalachian Autumn and you told me to look in Files and there it was! Well, I tried to download the Pine Tree pattern to Files and it didn’t work.  I hit the blue Recents button and it popped up!!”

I hope this helps someone out there. I have no control over where your files go when you download them to an apple product.  It is up to you as the user to know where your device saves your files.

It may be helpful to return to the Digital Patterns category of the Quiltville Store to follow along with the graphics on where to locate PDF files on your iPad/iPhone:!/Digital-Patterns/c/13038426

What I find the most interesting is that I have never NEVER had a problem with an Android download. Not phone, not tablet.  My only issues have been iPad/iPhone users and the fact that they can’t choose the default location for PDF files to go.  If you download a Kindle App – they may show up there, or downloaded Adobe? They may now go there by default when before they used to go to the PDF folder in Collections under iBooks.  Go figure.

SO I go back to the top of this page and suggest that before downloading to an iPhone or iPad to save the file to a real computer first so you have a back up.  And then sync it to your phone or tablet from there.

Thank you!

Bonnie Hunter

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